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The Moulettes are a wonderfully unpredictable blend of the ordinary and the unusual; they take all that you’d consider ‘safe’ in pop music, hurl it into the back of a car that’ll barely pass the next MOT, and tear off remorselessly.

What it makes for is compelling and bizarre music; just as soon as you feel like you’ve got your feet comfortably on their ground, you get hit with a curveball that blows even this very seasoned subversion-ado’s expectations out of the water. They’ve relentlessly toured 2016’s Preternatural, their self-declared “bizarre and bombastic monster”, and they’re planning on celebrating the end of two years of hard graft with a final run of the country’s sacred venues, which calls in at Newcastle’s Cluny on Friday 15th December.

It’s clear they’re a band with a fiercely unique vision and the utmost confidence in it too. If you enjoy witnessing the fine line between melody and dissonance being unforgivably skewered and manipulated beyond recognition, then consider this as your one-size-fits-all extravaganza.



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