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The Marbles Jackson are a band that are almost indefinable, blending genres at will to create something that’s completely their own. Then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a band whose members come from Sunderland, Niigata, Farnham and Belfast. There’s a lot going on there. If you take their word for it, then The Marbles Jackson are “dreamy shoegazy slowcore(ish) woozy alternative” but the only words you probably need are “epically atmospheric.”

Their new album Notes to the Dust, which launches at The Central Bar in Gateshead on Friday 12th June, is a woozy and often hypnotic affair that’s punctuated by immense harmonies and wistful slowcore guitars. Drenched in gently clattering cymbals and a great deal of warming fuzz, the album has a distinctly 60s charm to it, reminiscent of very early Fleetwood Mac or The Byrds. The band have a knack for building up to beautiful crescendos that are sure to wash over the space inside The Central in gorgeous waves.

The Marbles Jackson launch their Notes To The Dust at The Central, Gateshead on Friday 12th June.

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