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If not for the press release I have to hand, I’d be forgiven for assuming that John Michie was an otherworldly being who fell to Earth, absorbed the last 60 years of underground culture, and then spewed out this gloriously bizarre, kaleidoscopic carnival of sound. Indeed, High Vibrations is a universe unto itself.

The record, in his own words, explores “personality, truth, beauty, inspiration and euphoria in the form of guitar-based psychedelia”; it’s a very safe conceit, and one that undersells the sheer maverick force of the LP, which revels in being relentlessly unpredictable and multi-faceted, cunningly avoiding the classic pitfall of sounding like yet another third-rate S.F Sorrow. Instead, High Vibrations is an enthralling and head-spinning exercise in avant-garde acid-soaked splendour. More often than not, the record sounds like a pummelling descent through a tilted hall of mirrors, with a plentiful supply of galvanising left turns allowing the LP to remain enthralling and relentlessly entertaining. Michie wisely avoids letting the sheer audial cacophony overwhelm the quality of his songwriting, making for one hell of a refreshing experience. It’s an utter delight, and a bold new frontier for psychedelia.

The John Michie Collective releases High Vibrations on 12th February


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