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Image: Brad McCormick by Daniel Forth

When you think about the events of World War I, some may turn their mind to the soldiers who fought in battlefields across the continent, Flanders Field or even the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. What you’re probably less likely to think of is the rise of a certain profession shrouded in mysticism. The First World War saw a large increase in the number of practising fortune tellers, and everyone from servants to army generals would visit them to find out about present and future events.

It’s this surprising fact that forms the basis for Cap-A-Pie’s new production The Important Man, which heads to Alphabetti Theatre from Thursday 4th-Saturday 6th October. Directed by the award-winning Laura Lindow (War of the Words, Key Change), it’s been developed in collaboration with historian Professor Owen Davies, sharing his own research into the topic. Set against a backdrop when fast scientific advances also felt like supernatural feats, The Important Man follows a single mystic and his clients, using the idea of being able to see the future to pose deep existential questions. It delves into the notion of free will and whether we really have control over our own lives and wonders where we can place our faith when it seems to be drifting away.

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