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There’s more to Japanese Cinema than just anime and horror. Don’t believe us? The Japan Foundation’s new series of films showing at the Tyneside Cinema aims to dispel a few myths about the nature of Japan’s filmic tradition, presenting a string of films not normally seen in UK cinemas. What better way to start off than with an upbeat and off-the-wall comedy?

The Handsome Suit follows portly Takuro, a talented diner chef who is unfortunately very unlucky in love. Believing that his appearance is to blame for his lack of romance, he doesn’t turn down the opportunity to gain a mystical suit that turns him into a successful male model whenever he wears it. But Takuro finds that living a double life is more than a bit difficult, leading him to choose between his fake life of glamour or his own identity. Exploring ideas of beauty and vanity in Japanese society, The Handsome Suit is sure to raise more than a smile thanks to the beautifully synchronized performances of its two leads, comedian Muga Tsukaji and TV personality Shosuke Tanihara.

The Handsome Suit screens at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle on Sunday 22nd February.

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