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Boxing day marks the release of The Grandmaster at the Tyneside Cinema, the latest from renowned Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar Wai. The Grandmaster centres around the story of Ip Man, the martial arts master known for being the teacher of the legendary Bruce Lee. Set in China during the Second World War, the film tells the story of two martial arts grandmasters in the North and South, fighting over who inherits their respective titles. The stability is broken once again as the honour of the martial arts world is challenged by the outbreak of war.

Director Wong Kar Wai is known for vivid imagery and reflective dialogue, both of which The Grandmaster has in spades. Expect beautifully complex choreography, stunning visuals and lots of wistful ponderings on the nature of martial arts. The auteur is once again reunited with long time collaborator and muse Tony Leung, those who have seen their excellent Chungking Express should rightly be excited.

Those expecting the dogged violence of films like The Raid might be disappointed, The Grandmaster is a more composed affair, much closer to his previous works such as In The Mood For Love. The action sequences look stunning, and if you’re into the fantastical choreography of films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon you’ll be well in your element.

The Grandmaster comes to the Tyneside Cinema from Friday 26th December.

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