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The opportunity to witness a cinematic experience like no other is on offer at Newcastle Castle, thanks to Noize Choir and Gateshead’s Old Police House, who will be providing a one-of-a-kind, live performance alongside silent film, The Golem, in the Great Hall of the Castle Keep.

The 1920s horror, directed by Paul Wegener, is the final of three of his Golem films and yet the only one to prevail. The film retells the Golem legend, where a Rabbi in 16th Century Prague creates monster from clay to protect the Jews. The film established itself within early German Expressionism, expertly utilising light and dark, both thematically and visually; its ambience is amongst the best in modern cinema. The Golem, after fulfilling its duty, becomes destructive and feared within the ghetto.

Accompanied by the exceptional Newcastle-based noise-makers and singers Noize Choir, and Old Police House’s Mariam Rezaei and Adam Denton who will construct electronic soundscapes, the screening is a rarity not to be missed, ideal for music and film lovers alike.

The Golem, accompanied by Noize Choir and Old Police House is at Newcastle Castle on Sunday 19th June.

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