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Understanding the difference between right and wrong is something we’re taught as children, but it’s not always as black and white as we were led to believe as kids. Sometimes the lines between the two sides are blurred, and this can be even more complicated when we’re in a relationship. The Frights, which comes to the Alphabetti Theatre between Tuesday 17th and Sunday 22nd March, looks at these issues and how far we’re willing to take our beliefs.

Hanny is an activist who, after three months in captivity overseas, has finally returned to her hometown and boyfriend Luke. Luke is keen to pick up their relationship from where it left off, but is challenged by the fact that Hanny cannot promise not to take another fatal risk and he can’t cope with the prospect of being left behind again. Their happiness is short lived when strangers Tash and Kieran arrive, hoping to pry as much information out of Hanny as is possible and the following events begin to take their toll on the couple’s relationship.

The Frights promises to take a deep look in to just how far we are willing to go in order to stand up for what we believe in, what we’ll do to protect those we love and the spectacle that is the modern press.

The Frights comes to the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle between Tuesday 17th and Sunday 22nd March.

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