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A first vinyl release for The Fierce And The Dead is a big deal, a band that hark back to a more progressive rock sound yet still managing to sound completely fresh and totally relevant in today’s music scene. Their cult following won’t be the only ones to find out this band’s records are worth collecting.  After the original release of their Magnet EP last year had fans and critics churning out much positive praise, it’s with great excitement that said EP gets a limited edition vinyl release on Friday 18th March.

Their sound is built around immensely talented musicianship, that prog rock core giving way to a gift for melodic instrumentals, perhaps more evident on this EP than ever before. Tracks like Magnet In Your Face showcase a rougher, riff-filled edge; which allow songs like Palm Trees to stand-out with its less frenetic feel, making the twisting turns into dirty bass lines undercutting scorching riffs all the more satisfying.

Crate Digger Records and The Fierce and The Dead worked closely together to create a package that really gives something more to fans than just the excellent tracks on the original release; first was to add a vinyl exclusive track which is a rehearsal recording of Chief. Second up was a mammoth undertaking, as The Fierce And The Dead brought in close friend Mark Buckingham; acclaimed artist backed by credits with both Marvel and DC (and a long term collaboration with Neil Gaiman) to create an original piece of art to be printed onto the b-side of the record.

Bringing The Fierce And The Dead onto vinyl for the first time could only be done if it was going to make a big statement and it’s undeniable that this is what was aimed for. The release will please fans of the band and open them up to many more followers all at the same time.

With a limited pressing of just 500 copies, it’s a chance to snap up something very special from the hard-working, inventive purveyors of prog and post-rock, whilst having your appetite well and truly whetted for what comes next from The Fierce And The Dead.

The Fierce And The Dead release their Magnet EP on 12″ vinyl on Friday 18th March.

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