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World-class performance storyteller Ben Haggarty is a master of his craft, internationally respected for his knowledge of diverse narrative traditions. A driving force behind the re-visioning of storytelling as a contemporary performing art in the UK, the ‘Nick Cave of storytelling’ is a regular performer at the Barbican and Soho theatres in London and tours work for adults and families to venues across the UK.

His works are all inspired by international fairytales, folk tales, mythology and the epic tradition. His latest show, The Fate We Bring Ourselves, heads to Newcastle’s Northern Stage on Friday 3rd November and draws on three tales from Greek mythology which are remixed and extended by this master of improvisation. This is storytelling at its best, with a dose of explicit content; playful and lively, delightful and subversive, physical and challenging.

The Fate We Bring Ourselves introduces sex with Zeus, twice born gods, formidable goddesses and the inevitable clashes between naive mortals and arrogant deities. It’s a dark, magical and provocative world with fate as a major player: the world of 2000 years ago which proves to be not so very different to the society in which we live. This is no fairy tale however, there’s an underlying message here that Ben Haggarty so skilfully and engagingly delivers.

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