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We’re receiving reports from across the region of bizarre, unexplained activity. Details vary from incident to incident, ranging anywhere from an innocuous abandoned glove to an unanswered phone box ringing on a street corner. Sightings are being catalogued by ‘theatre company’ Third Angel who are trying to decipher the meaning behind these strange events. They’ve pinned it down to a covert society they’re calling The Department of Distractions, and they’re asking for your help in uncovering their motives.


Take a look at #TheDepartmentofDistractions on Instagram for examples of their work, and maybe you too will start noticing irregularities. Are they providing excitement and mystery to spice up the daily grind, or distractions to get you to look the other way? Third Angel will be presenting their findings and exploring this conspiracy further in their stage show at Northern Stage in Newcastle between Friday 2nd and Saturday 10th February. With the ever-increasing cries of Fake News everywhere you look, you’re sure to question everything you’ve ever seen, thought, or been told. Hopefully, we might just get some answers…unless this very article just Fake News itself?

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