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Image by Graeme Baty

The Coronavirus pandemic has basically screwed up every band’s plans so far this year, and The Creep Void are no exception. The Washington-based alt. rock band had been gearing up to release new single Sick of Angels back in May, but due to obvious complications the release was put back and plans put on hold. It’s now finally getting an airing, and it’s been more than worth the wait.

The band’s trademark fuzzy riffs are in attendance; a rollocking rock tune, it’s a thrilling four and a half minutes of energetic vocals, propulsive rhythms and spirited melodic guitar lines which hardly let up. The band recorded the track just before lockdown at Blaydon’s Inheartstudios. “The song itself is quite self explanatory. [There’s] a lot of bad stuff going on in the world. The song is about those people who exploit the bad stuff for their own personal gain. Influencers, social justice warriors, people who try to police other people if they don’t agree with their opinion. They portrait themselves as angels when in fact they are nothing but self indulgent parasites feeding on the misfortune of tragedy.”

The Creep Void release Sick of Angels on 22nd August


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