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They’ve done Shakespeare and they’ve even tackled The Bible but now The Reduced Shakespeare Company are taking on their biggest challenge yet. Yes, bigger than parting the Red Sea. They’ve decided to take on the entire history of comedy. The bad boys of abridgement are attempting to condense their own massive field into a mere 90 minutes on Wednesday 4th February.

From Aristophenes to Moliere, Charlie Chaplin to Nick Clegg… wait, Nick Clegg is funny? Apparently so; I have a feeling that the infamous I’m Sorry viral video has something to do with it… For that matter, is Moliere at all funny? Well, they’ve somehow managed to get blood from a stone before (don’t remember the Bible being a hoot) so it’s pretty likely that the Reduced Shakespeare Company won’t have any problems prompting some giggles from some unlikely comedy sources. If you fancy a bit of meta-comedy then this is probably right up your street (or something else Shakespeare might have said once).

The Reduced Shakespeare Company perform The Complete History of History at Gala Theatre, Durham on Wednesday 4th February.

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