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Back in 2008, in what could be considered some controversial programming, new play The Bogus Woman debuted at the Lake District’s picturesque Theatre By The Lake. A far cry from the theatre’s usual summer season offerings, the one-woman show played to 3,500 captivated viewers in a sell-out run and proved that this was a play destined to be shared with much wider audiences. Seven years later, The Bogus Woman returns, not only to Theatre By The Lake – which is also responsible for co-producing the show, alongside Curtis Productions – but to embark on a national tour including dates at The Customs House in South Shields and Newcastle’s Live Theatre.

Performer Krissi Bohn, or as you may know her, Coronation Street’s Jenna Kamara, has received outstanding reviews for her portrayal of the young African woman who, fleeing for her life, arrives on the shores of a foreign country, only to witness first-hand the harrowing cruelty of the authorities and their casual disregard for human rights. She is indefinitely confined, interrogated, humiliated and abused in a country she associated with refuge and safety – our very own England. Krissi Bohn gives a “mesmerising, powerful and heart-wrenching performance” – I wasn’t exaggerating about the reviews – as she brings to life the 51 characters, scrupulously devised by writer Kay Adshead, who retell the stories of a remarkable young woman.

Still as relevant, and perhaps even more so, now as it was in 2008, this poignant show fearlessly delves into some of the issues at the forefront of today’s society, as the asylum debate remains firmly at the center of British politics. Challenging and thought-provoking, The Bogus Woman spectacularly brings to light a topic which in one way of another affects us all, whilst exhibiting riveting storytelling, a poetic script and a very powerful message. This compelling piece of political theatre is designed to expose, inspire and instigate change. It hits close to home.

The Bogus Woman is showing at Live Theatre, Newcastle on Saturday 7th November and The Customs House, South Shields on Monday 9th November.

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