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The Black Path aims to highlight a piece of Teesside’s often forgotten and misunderstood heritage. The exhibition, which takes inspiration from the steelworkers’ path to work, takes place at Middlesbrough’s The House of Blah Blah, its industrial warehouse space adding extra depth and feeling to the work on show.

In early 2015 a collaboration between artists Chris Whitehead and Gavin Parry gathered momentum, as other local artists combined to share likeminded ideas and common ground. Now in 2016, their ambition and artistry has been assembled and made available for all. Through the right eyes, even the darkest of landscapes can provide inspiration and beauty. Together as a collective they point the spotlight on an area overlooked by many simply as industrial wasteland.

Now in 2016, with the demise of Teesside’s steel industry well documented, the significance of this former steelworker’s path is perhaps more relevant than ever. Through contempary sound, vision and sculpture its importance, historic past and heart and soul will be highlighted once more. As the political soapboxes and megaphones are put away to gather dust, these artistic statements aim to shout loud and stand proud; a story and a legacy has been built from iron and steel. For those who wish to see it documented with respect and passion, it’s an opportunity well worth taking.

The House of Blah Blah present The Black Path from Friday 29th January until Thursday 3rd March.

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