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If you ever wanted to hear a combination of Sigur Ros and Guillemots, then you probably already know that Newcastle’s Tessera Skies are making your dreams come true. The band have already won over copious amounts of fans and trendsetters with their blend of ambient, jazz, orchestral and indie pop elements, with a string of melodic releases. They’re about to officially launch their latest single, Such Great Heights (Raindrops), a microcosm of everything distinctive about the orchestral electronic pop group. Clearly wholly designed around the core idea of rainfall, wet synths punctuate a gentle shower of an intro before beats and the descending pitch of a guitar riff are the defining features of the song, with some soothing, ambient undertones underneath. To celebrate the release, they’re playing a gig at North Base Studio with a few friends and surprises.

Joe Allan and his new project A Festival A Parade are the perfect accompaniment to Tessera Skies on paper. Atmospheric, fuzzy but with a nice bit of raw brutality in the mix, they sit as the headliners’ scuzzier brothers who’ll make you sit up and take notice. Downstairs in the Tower CafĂ©, Stefano will also be keeping the pizza fires roaring until late (because all that good music gives you an unquenchable appetite) and the first person who arrives on the door will also receive a package of Tessera Skies goodies. So not only are they a great band, they’re generous too!

Tessera Skies launch Such Great Heights (Raindrops) at North Base Studio, Newcastle on Friday 16th October.

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