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Teesside music charity, Tees Music Alliance is looking for the next crop of local musical talent as it announces it has been successful in receiving investment from Youth Music’s Incubator Fund. This award will enable them to support the careers of people aged 18- 25, in increasingly hard times, with funding that can be spent on wages and support to enable the TMA to nurture young music activists and creative talent.

Those selected will be offered a range of mentoring sessions, introductions to key industry figures, recording and rehearsal opportunities, as well as performance slots. Additionally, each person will receive a budget to help support their 12 month residency with TMA. 

It’s a great opportunity and one that TMA Chief Executive, Paul Burns, is excited about… 

This is a great opportunity given to us by Youth Music and will enable us to work with four young  people at the start of their music careers; helping them to shape a professional path for themselves.  

“We know from speaking to young music activists in our local area that opportunities to work within  the various parts of the music industry are perceived to be non-existent – but the reality is that there  are real jobs right here; in and around Teesside. It’s up to those of us working in music to wave a bit  more vigorously and show young people where we are and what jobs can be created.” 

Anyone interested in applying for one of the four mentored roles with Tees Music Alliance can  express interest via e-mailing [email protected] or sending a message via TMA’s Facebook page.


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