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Secondary school is a wonderful place to start if you want some ideas for a new production. It’s filled with drama, high and lows, romance, and everything in-between. Blackeyed Theatre definitely thought the same when they created their critically acclaimed production Teechers, bringing the life of a new teacher in a modern comprehensive to the masses. Now they’re reviving the production and are bringing it to a brand new audience at the Gala Theatre, Durham on Friday 27th February.

Inventive and fast-paced, Teechers tells the story of a string of hopeless students and terrifying teachers through the eyes of three Year 11 pupils about to leave school for good. In particular, it takes a comedic look at the life of a drama teacher struggling to take control of their new class. Highly energetic and funny, Teechers nevertheless still has something pertinent to say about the state of the modern education system and the attitudes we have towards it. It’s a modern classic that demands to be seen again.

Teechers comes to Durham’s Gala Theatre on Friday 27th February.

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