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I remember being in a Philosophy class as a teenager when my tutor hurled a chair across the classroom and yelled: “How do you know you are not LUCID DREAMING right now?” – thankfully, the new single Lucid Dreams (ft Knats) by North East band Swannek has a rather different, much less traumatising vibe.

Mollie Birmingham’s transcendent vocals and lyrics infer that we are in fact self-involved dreamers that prefer to sleep through life, and she implores us to wake up and be more conscious of what is happening around us. Good advice, to be fair, and you don’t need to fling furniture about to understand it.

The layering of this track is sublime and Mollie’s vocals blend beautifully rather than resting on top of the song. The drums and trumpet really stand out for me and as a jazz/neo-soul neophyte, I really wasn’t expecting to feel as much as I did. The song feels much more accessible than the jazz I have heard previously, that’s not say it’s ‘jazz-lite’ as the instrumental expertise of Swannek is obvious and Mollie’s repetitive chants are incredibly moving and thought provoking. 

Swannek began during lockdown and has had some transient/evolving members – a little like jazz itself, one fades out and something else pops in. The band will be showcasing the new line-up at the Lucid Dreams launch party at their old haunt, Hoochie Coochie, on Wednesday 29th December.

Perfect timing for a little New Year’s gift to yourself. Go on, you deserve it.

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