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SURGE is all about water, the world’s most threatened resource to life. This immersive performance, which comes to Sage Gateshead on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June, brings to life our lost connection with water, that is at once a life-giving and destructive force.

SURGE is real-time production, fusing game-engine technology with live performance and spatialised sound, in which the roaming audience will enter a multi-dimensional installation which uses immersive technology, electronic music, dance and poetry to bring the spirit of the surge. Scottish composer and performer of electronic and acoustic music Anna Meredith brings the soundscape, while spoken word performer Vanessa Kisuule – you might know her for her poem on the historic toppling of Edward Colston’s statue Hollow which gained over 600,000 views on Twitter in three days! – brings spoken word poetry. The PappyShow, formed in 2013 to platform “the marginalised identities that we believe society could do better with”, brings live performance.

Within this dramatic immersive performance, which makes use of multi-sensory elements including haze, scent and wind, two audience members will play an active role, driving the narrative with full body motion capture and virtual reality headsets.

The darkness has descended and the surge is upon us. Monolithic LED screens act as windows into the tumultuous world of SURGE. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Surge is at Sage Gateshead on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June.

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