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Image: Sun image courtesy of NASA SDO and the AIA, EVE and HMI science teams

Have a truly cosmic night out at Life Science Centre on Friday 18th November, as science and art comes together to produce a dazzling event.

Sun is a collaborative event taking place in the centre’s Planetarium, and will see local poet Katrina Porteous working with electronic music pioneer Peter Zinovieff (who designed the first commercially available synth in the UK, used on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, fact fans) to produce a visual and aural representation of our nearest star. The production uses the sun’s actual sounds as the basis for digital music, using cosmic events such as solar flares as inspiration for a collision of sounds and poetry, supported by stunning photographic images provided by Christopher Hudson.

There will be two 45-minute performances on the night, which takes place as part of Life’s regular Friday Night Life event, offering a fun alternative to the ‘traditional’ Friday night out, with events feature film screenings in the Planetarium and unusual events or workshops, plus a bar and DJ. Also at the event this month, Ig Nobel Prize winner Thomas Thwaites – otherwise known as Goatman – will explain his decision to live like a goat, prosthetic strap-on stomach and all.

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