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If you’re most familiar with Stuart Maconie from his BBC 6 Music show, or perhaps his music journalism, then the following information might surprise you. On Saturday 10th February and Sunday 11th February he’ll be appearing in the region (at Gala Theatre, Durham and Sage Gateshead respectively), not to chat about music, but a journey to the North East of England.

Let’s rewind slightly. Back in 1936, a group of 200 men took to the streets and walked from Jarrow to London in protest of the area’s mass unemployment. The movement was dubbed the Jarrow Crusade, and in Maconie’s new show (which accompanies his book, Long Road From Jarrow), he revisits the event in a bid to educate and entertain.

Eighty years on from the original Crusade he walked the same 300 miles, finding comparisons in post-Brexit Britain to the complex times of the 1930s. Focusing on everything from trees to takeaways, austerity to affluence, Tyneside to Trafalgar Square, Maconie’s passion is unwavering as he reflects on a journey through Britain both then and now.

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