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Sometimes it feels like the modern world is filled with unmanageable bureaucracy and red tape. But what if you’re living in a Kafka-esque world where bureaucracy is so rampant that it literally overpowers you, completely ruling your life? STRIKE! examines what might happen in such a dystopian world.

The performance examines the lives of several office workers whose lives are turned upside down as they continually struggle to maintain the system that is simultaneously crushing them and colliding with their free will. Eventually, the tipping point comes and the workers begin to realise that they can’t live under such restrictive circumstances anymore.

Combining physical strength, humour, innovative structures, and a mountain of cardboard boxes, STRIKE! blurs the boundaries between circus and theatre, a combination that has seen it shortlisted for The Roundhouse’s Circus Propeller Prize. The debut show from rising directorial star Keziah Serreau, STRIKE! is an innovative performance not to be missed.

STRIKE! comes to ARC, Stockton on Thursday 5th March.

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