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Stick In The Wheel emerged with a singularly austere approach to folk, eschewing any kind of crowd-pleasing fusion and simultaneously bucking against the Keepers Of The Trad. Since that year zero approach, they’ve proceeded to fuck with expectations from one album and mixtape to the next, with the addition of autotune and synths and contemporary electronic textures (but still without every slipping into any kind of fusion).

This reached its apotheosis (so far at least) on last year’s stunning Tonebeds For Poetry mixtape, which sees Nicola Kearey’s keening voice autotuned and distorted, Ian Carter bringing metal guitars and eightbit programming into the mix and the whole thing reaching outwards and upwards in redefining what a folk song can be. It is, to sum up, fucking remarkable. And it’s this release they’re touring in May, a run of their biggest dates yet that brings them to Sage Gateshead on Friday 6th May. It’s their first show on Tyneside for a few years, and you really need to come and see where folk is going next.

Stick In The Wheel play Sage Gateshead on Friday 6th May


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