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Expect no pretence of objectivity on this one: Stereolab are one of this writer’s all time favourite bands, so the news that not only would they would be reforming for a series of live dates and an extensive reissue campaign this year, but that they’d be hitting Newcastle’s Boiler Shop on Thursday 20th June as part of their first tour in a decade, was received less with happiness than pure slack-jawed awe.

Led by Tim Gane and fronted by Laetitia Sadier, Stereolab emerged in the early nineties with a combination of post-Velvet Underground drone, experimental electronics, lounge melodies, bossa nova and anything else that piqued their interests that they combined into some of the decade’s finest albums. From the guitar wall of 1993’s Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements, the electronic rhythms of 1997’s Dots And Loops and 2001’s surreal masterpiece Sound-Dust and onwards, they continued to push their sound to new heights of complexity and expression, grounded by the gorgeous vocal interplay of Sadier and the sadly departed Mary Hansen.

Having declared a hiatus in 2009, the intervening decade has seen a whole new wave of psychedelic musicians (not to mention a plethora of other artists like Tyler the Creator) proclaim the influence of Stereolab on their work and keep their futuristic, genre-blurring spirit alive. Now that the rest of the world has had time to catch up with their vision, it’s only fitting that they get the hero’s return they deserve.


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