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One of the more unusual options for this Friday evening’s entertainment can be found at The Soundroom in Gateshead this week. Get your earplugs ready and be prepared to nod in appreciation, bewilderment and possibly, occasionally, sway backwards and forwards a bit as you get your head around an evening of drone, experimental noise and tape recorder sodomy.

From Copenhagen and promising to be as wonderful as the city they hail from, Claus Poulsen and Sindre Bjerga come together to form Star Turbine, who have a reputation for combining broken electronics with a variety of bangs, clanks and buzzes into something that transcends improvised music and becomes more like an audio art installation.

Drony guitar thunder is provided by Charles Dexter Ward and Newcastle’s Popular Radiation is in attendance with looped samples and knob twisting aplenty. The night is rounded off by Sindre Bjerga and Posset who squeeze the manipulated sounds of cassette tapes, vocals and kitchen paraphernalia through various electronic boxes to batter your ears into puzzled submission.

DJ Callan will be filling in the gaps between sets and you’re invited to bring your own beer.

Star Turbine, Charles Dexter Ward, Popular Radiation and Sindre Bjerga & Posset play The Soundroom, Gateshead on Friday 19th February

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