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The premise of Standby for Tape Back-Up sounds pretty improbable – a man finds an old videotape of his Granddad’s in the loft and, watching the recordings and re-recordings on the tape, finds the story of his life in there. Featuring The Crystal Maze, A Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Ghostbusters, amongst others, it sounds like we can expect a fair bit of nostalgia in there but there’s so much more to this show than that. Ross Sutherland’s reflections on his childhood and his relationship with his granddad intertwine with the programmes they watched together. He looks for hidden meanings in the recordings on the tape and explores how he used watching the tape as a form of meditation to help him combat depression.

The show promises to be exciting not just in terms of its unusual subject matter but also in terms of language. Sutherland is an acclaimed poet and he puts his lyricism to good effect here. Expect to see his poetry merging with the hiss of the old tape in a strangely musical way and prepare yourself to need to reach for the hankies every time you hear the theme tune of The Fresh Prince.

Stand By For Tape Back-Up is at Northern Stage, Newcastle on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th March.

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