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When a night promises a mix of “bad boy beats, big tunes, smooth groove” you know you’ve got a bit of a belter on your hands. Indeed, even the title of this piece is a bit misleading. Yes, everyone’s favourite Newcastle alt-rock quintet Spitfire Hostels are headlining the night at South Gosforth Social Club, but there’s so much going on at the event that naming everyone in the title would result in the world’s longest headline.

The aforementioned Spitfire Hostels will be bringing their blend of pseudo-pop guitar riffs and edgy, in-your-face lyrics to the venue on the night, but they’re backed by a host of talent, including Newcastle-based indie-rock band The Ilfords. Heavily reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys and with more than a dash of punk rock about them, they’re the perfect warm up act for Hostels. Beach blues band The Pasolas are also playing, bringing their warm, sunshine indie to the streets of Gosforth during this curiously cold March. Eighteen year old singer-songwriter Immy Williams will also be performing, bringing her recent single The Ocean to the stage. Rounding off the bill is John Campbell. At eighteen, this will be Campbell’s first ever gig, but with influences such as Kendrick Lamar and Nas, you can expect him to light up the room with some sick rhymes.

Spitfire Hostels, The Ilfords, The Pasolas, Immy Williams and John Campbell all play at South Gosforth Social Club on Saturday 14th March.

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