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In the modern age, the way we write, create films and even draw has becoming increasingly digitised. Anyone who owns a smartphone or a tablet can draw and paint on specially created apps that make creating works from scratch or rotoscoping a walk in the park. Even artists such as David Hockney have dabbled in the digital arts and are using traditional methods less and less. Speculations: Thinking, Making, Drawing is bringing together archival material and the work of contemporary artists to explore the waning art of drawing and why we should embrace pen and paper once more.

Eduardo Paolozzi, Claude Heath, Roy Kitchin, Paul Neaugu, Catrin Huber and many more artists are involved in Speculations, which runs alongside the latest exhibition of line drawings by Anthony Gormley – Space Stations – which also begins its run at the Hatton this month.

Richard Talbot, the co-curator of the exhibition and Head of Fine Art at Newcastle University said: “All of these drawings embody and reflect an aspect of who I am as an artist, and have the investigative and speculative qualities that I admire and aspire to. Some are by my contemporaries. Some are by artists who taught me, or who were very conspicuous in my formative years. They all hold my attention for different reasons and whether intended or not, they are all linked in their making I think by a combined sensual, spatial and visual curiosity.”

Issues surrounding the practice of drawing is set to become a running theme in various museums and galleries across the north east in the next year. If you think that the traditional method of making art might be seriously out fashion, Speculations is just the first step on the way to changing your perceptions.

Speculations: Thinking, Making, Drawing comes to the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle from Friday 26th June until Saturday 8th August.

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