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When you get the press kit for a band who describe themselves as fictional, alarms bells begin to ring. And yet, when you push through the mythos; what lies beneath is a quality set of acoustic punk songs that are not only catchy, but are building blocks for a much greater piece of artistic expression.

Jumping On The BandWagon is the latest output from North East three-piece Specky Cult, who are a band from a musical entitled Specky Cult, written by a band called Specky Cult. If you’re still with me, the album is the collection of songs that are used throughout the musical and tells the story of four bandmates who travel to London for their big break, only for adventure and shenanigans to ensue. The songs are surprisingly full and create a rich tapestry twang, while copious lyrics are churned out; almost each couplet being as memorable as the last.

It is a testament to the material that it can be packaged up into a streamlined form, given greater exposure and easier accessed by people looking for Specky Cult’s music. Real or not, this is one to look out for.

Specky Cult release Jumping On The BandWagon on 25th March.


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