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Image by John Kippin

Landscapes have always been a major feature of the arts, across all mediums, whether it be that painting hung on your Grandmother’s wall, scorching backdrops of your favourite film, or with modern technology we see beautiful photos shared across social media of rich landscapes frequently. So, CIRCA and photographer Danni Harper are leading an in conversation event with photographer John Kippin and historian Patrick Low on social memory and the landscape; and it is sure to be a fascinating event, taking place at CIRCA Projects, at the Northern Gallery For Contemorary Art on Saturday 23rd January.

All happening as part of BOOKSHOP, a series of live events inspired by a lack of independent bookshops in Sunderland, the event features North East based photoprapher and artist John Kippin. With a passion for the deserted industrial landscapes of the North East, or looking in contrast at sites where significant development has taken place, his work has a strong association with landscapes.

Patrick Low will be looking at the last dying speeches of people executed in the North East between 1750-1880 and the role that the crowd played at the execution. Low will be looking at the residue of the events that remains in public consciousness, without a visual reminder in the landscape, as the sites where these events took place are no longer visible. There’s also Danni Harper, member of CIRCA Projects’ 2015 Network, who is currently completing a set of images with Patrick Low to document the places where public executions took place in the North East.

With the region at the centre of this in conversation event, it’ll be a unique look at some of our rich history, documents of a period mostly forgotten, with interesting context provided, all coming from some talented individuals with a passion for the subject matter.

Social Memory and The Landscape takes place at CIRCA Projects, at NGCA, Sunderland on Saturday 23rd January.

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