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I think it’s fair to say that even among Sleaford Mods fans, there was a feeling that their rudimentary set-up might not have the staying power for a long career. But the fifth album in the Williamson/Fearn incarnation has just been released and is continuing to gain great reviews, and their tours are still selling out so they’re clearly onto something.

Eton Alive is the first release on their own Extreme Eating label, after a brief stint with Rough Trade, and sees them changing things up just enough to keep it interesting – Williamson’s voice is stronger and more melodic, whilst Fearn’s backing tracks have added new textures and are more fleshed out. The basic template – Williamson’s frustrated, angry, scatological rants over Fearn’s still fairly minimal rhythms – is as compelling as ever and you just know tracks like Kebab Spider are going to come over brilliantly live.

Their massive UK tour kicks off at Newcastle’s Boiler Shop on Friday 1st March, returning to the region on Friday 8th March at Middlesbrough Town Hall.


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