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When a band introduce themselves as a trio of ‘socially inept losers’ you can’t help but already feel endeared to them. Skull Puppies present none of the preening egotism present so often in ‘the scene’, instead preferring to let their music speak humbly for them. Their third EP, released on Clarty Cat this month, is entitled Endless Dungeon Crawl, and gives away their nerdcore influences from the off. Real men play table top games, y’know.

Intro kicks the release off with a trill of feedback and spooky muttered recitations, somewhat at odds with their literate pop punk. Mood Wrench shows what Skull Puppies really do best though; a balance of understated chugging guitar and a wordy charge of lyricism. Weary Adventurers shows off Jack Fallows’ superb vocals, they may wear their fuzzy punk pop influences on their sleeves, but when it’s this catchy who cares? Death To Skull Puppies is a delightfully sweary ode to their city (“fuck your dreaming, wake up screaming, raze Newcastle to the ground”); while the soft approach of Press ‘A’ To Speak belies a menacing guitar line and a note of anguish, ever-present in the vocals, which builds alongside the brutally thwacked percussion to produce a noisy prelude to the final despair-driven ending.

The band celebrate the release of their new EP with a gig at Newcastle’s Head of Steam on Saturday 16th April, with rock and rollers Good Friend, electronic post-punk duo Massa Confusa and Durham’s purveyors of punk pop, Nomihodai.

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