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Newcastle’s all female rock trio, Sing Again Syren have just released their new single, Cast Away (a follow up to their debut release Kiss The Preacher) via Veta Records. The band have a distinctive hard rock sound, complete with memorable hooks with hard hitting riffs and are keen to challenge perceptions surrounding what the sound of a girl group should be. We caught up with the band ahead of their single launch gig at The Cluny on 30th June to find out more.
Describe your sound?
Our sound is modelled a great deal on the original classic rock giants and that definitely comes through but we’d like to think there’s a modern edge to it. We’ve been compared to such a wide range of sounds but ultimately we make music using modern rock tones that has this strong underpinning of classic rock and blues rock – live you’ll even catch some funk and twelve bar blues in the set so there’s a strong element of eclecticism! I think we definitely don’t fit the mould of what audiences often expect an all female band to sound like so it’s pretty interesting to hear some of the reactions to that.
What is your new single Cast Away about?
There are a number of possible interpretations, though the basis of it is in that idea of the proverbial devil on the shoulder, as the first lyric mentions. This can pertain to so many things: bad habits, a negative influence in one’s life etc. Really it alludes to the fact it can be so difficult to pin down the causation of negativity but convexly has this positive stance of refusing to be defeated.
Where was it recorded?
We recorded at The Old Church Studio in Thropton with Adam Forster producing the track. It’s such a fantastic space, great for that really expansive John Bonham type drums sound and we’re even using an image of one of the stained glass windows there as the artwork for the single.
What’s your songwriting process?
Initially we wanted to write a new song to open with at shows that would have this really dramatic intro and explode into a heavy riff. That became Cast Away. Eliza [Lee] (guitar and vocals) initially bought the riff into a practice and it was a case of jamming things out. We all tend to look after our own parts and then bring them together to create the whole entity of the song so Laila [Riley] (bass) and Hattie [Steele] (drums) wrote the solid rhythm backing. Lyrics came much after the instrumental because that’s really how we work since we’re all incredibly instrumentally focussed, the final version of the lyrics weren’t drafted until the day we recorded in the studio!

Have you got any shows coming up around the release date?
We have the pleasure of headlining the Cluny on the 30th of June as an official live launch for the single which comes out June 21st,  so that’s the show we’re really gearing up towards. We’ll also be debuting some new material that we’re really excited about so it’s set to be a great night.

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