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The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art is to play host to the first UK solo exhibition of prolific Swiss artist Simon Senn. His latest project, Fawcett Street, is completely unique as it is focused entirely on the street the gallery is situated on.

The genesis of the exhibit began with Senn, along with an assistant, walking around Sunderland’s Fawcett Street asking people if they wanted to participate in a performance at the NGCA for a small fee. The participants were then tasked with interpreting the singular instruction ‘be sensational’, documenting each other’s actions with their own camera phones. The photographs were then given to a psychologist who has written a series of reports based on the participant made images.

The exhibition is to run from Friday 11th September until Saturday 14th November, showcasing the sheer originality of Senn’s work. Indeed, the artist’s films, performances and photography have persistently explored group dynamics raising complex questions around visibility, representation and political agency and Fawcett Street works as a continuation of his recent interest in human behaviour and patterns of interaction.

Simon Senn’s Fawcett Street is at Sunderland’s Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art from Friday 11th September until Saturday 14th November.

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