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‘Simon Munnery Sings Soren Kierkegaard.’ If you look at that title you might be expecting the ace comedian to be channeling his inner lounge singer and crooning along to Fear and Trembling. You will be sorely disappointed; Munnery’s latest show actually involves very little singing, and quite a bit of chit chat on philosophical matters. This doesn’t mean you’ll be at all disappointed in Munnery himself.

The comedian, also known as Alan Parker: Urban Warrior and The League Against Tedium, has been a staple in the alternative comedy scene for many years, providing audiences with a host of surreal and highly memorable characters. He’s appeared at the Edinburgh Festival on countless occasions and gained legions of fans. He even had a short-lived career as a video game programmer, producing a version of Asteroids for the Commodore International Vic-20 (Jeff Minter described it as “a pile of wank.” To be fair, it was on the Vic-20). In fact, there’s not a lot Munnery can’t do, which is why it isn’t at all surprising he’s turned his attention to philosophy for his latest show. Expect him to sing Kierkegaard’s praises and provide a lot of laughs along the way as he travels into the depths of the philosophical mind.

Simon Munnery is at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 6th April.

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