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There’s a lot to be angry about right now. Rarely has the game felt so rigged or the bastards seemed so brazen. Our political climate is disintegrating almost as quickly and as perilously as the actual climate, and you, me, and pretty much anybody else who’s never attended a meeting of the Bullingdon Club are being taken for an increasingly nauseating ride.

Bearing all of that in mind, thank god for bands like Shy-Talk. The Newcastle sextet have come out swinging for the establishment with their latest double A-side, and in the process have landed a one-two combo so punishing it makes Ivan Drago’s fatal blow on Apollo Creed in Rocky IV look like a sorority house pillow fight.

First out of the blocks is Chauvinism – a seething, frothing post-punk parcel bomb, all barbed witticisms with a chorus that hits like a disco in a jackhammer factory. On the digital flip side, Didn’t They Do Well mopes and waltzes with menacing intent, circling and circling like a shark in a disaster B-movie, just waiting to sneak up and swallow you down in one monstrous bite.

The band have a barrage of new tunes coming in the next few months, and if this double-barrelled statement of intent is anything to go by, you absolutely mustn’t sleep on them.

Shy bairns get nowt, but Shy-Talk should be getting all the love.

Shy-Talk release Chauvinism/Didn’t They Do Well on 2nd July via Box Records


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