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Newcastle five-piece Shields are set to release their brand new EP this month, packed full of the infectious shiny pop that we love them for, but this release has an underlying message.

Etemenanki, released on 26th October with a launch gig at Star & Shadow Cinema, features twinkling melodies, reverb-soaked vocal hooks and funky guitars and bass; each track offers something different, as multiple layers intertwine to reveal shimmery synths and a blur of the lines between indie rock and electro pop.

Themes of division, tension and communication threads through the release; Etemananki gets its name from the ancient Babylon temple whose remains are located in Iraq, which is said to be the inspiration for the tower of Babel, also the name of a track on the EP. The biblical story about language and shared beliefs has spurred the band to attempt to communicate with the world at large through their release. The band will be sending out advance copies of the EP around the world, which will be distributed via 20 MP3 players loaded with the tracks and packaged with a rechargeable cable and instructions on how to share the EP with others, with the hope of fostering interaction and crossing divides.


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