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In this media-saturated world we’ve become used to seeing images of women that have been altered to look a certain way; every advert and glossy magazine has doctored photographs of celebrities, sometimes modifying their appearance to unrealistic extremes. In her latest work, She’s Writing Her Scenario: Mass Produced Fantasies for Women, Nicola Singh explores the act of editing and correcting as a performance practice.

Using a series of interrelated texts, Singh, alongside her co-star Oliver Beck, playfully explore the ideas surrounding erasure and modification. Each text, performed live, will be accompanied by sounds that are used to further highlight beginnings and endings, testing the connections between the pieces further. Part of a long-term project looking into performance writing, She’s Writing Her Scenario is set to be a thought-provoking look at how we see images in the world and the lines between fantasy and reality.

Nicola Singh’s She’s Writing Her Scenario is at the NewBridge Project, Newcastle on Wednesday 25th March.

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