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Indie pop firecrackers Serinette have had a smashing year so far, and the launch a brand new song on Saturday 10th September is just another little step along a very exciting path for them, as Bear It Alone (complete with a brand new video) should be set to be getting plenty of listens over the weekend and beyond.

The track features what are now trademark catchy, upbeat and bouncy vocal melodies from the ever delectable tones of singer Louise Radford’s sumptuous voice. It’s this that will always keep Serinette very accessible, as it’s a quite traditionally pop voice, that could flit between upbeat summer anthems and softer affairs so easily. As a band though, this song feels like it could be a push towards something a little different, and very exciting. The lo-fi video reflects a subtle shift in the music, something a little quirkier, even darker should they keep twisting it further will only benefit them in becoming an ever more fascinating band. They’re a group with an immense gift for getting songs stuck in your head, and Bear It Alone is no different, but if they keep taking steps along the path this new track seems to be guiding them on, we could be left with a really interesting outfit, who make pop music with an ever more cutting edge.

Serinette release Bear It Alone on Saturday 10th September.

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