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Have you ever realized how odd it is that the two halves of our brain are essentially in constant conflict with each other? Tackling two halves of the body and performing different mental and physical functions puts the brain twins in something of a difficult position, and wires can often get crossed. Multi-award winning comedian Sean Hughes has thought about this, and blames it for the fact that he’s constantly teetering on the edge of sanity. Specifically, he thinks that all the mumbo jumbo occupying his head is in a heated war with common sense. And mumbo jumbo is winning.

How is Hughes putting this in his show? Well, by telling stories of being serenaded at dawn by Robert Smith of course, trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda and coming to the conclusion that he’ll never actually have a proper conversation with his mum. Oh, and there’ll be some poems and a three-minute song about ageing too. All that guff you’ve got locked in your head that kind of makes sense… but could all be just mumbo jumbo.

Sean Hughes brings Mumbo Jumbo to The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 10th February.

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