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Ever ripped up a book before? No? Me neither. To be honest though, I’ve never read a book that I’ve detested so much that I wanted to destroy it in the vain hope that no one else would be able to read it. I came close with Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, a book so large and tedious that I nearly gave up halfway through. But I digress. Perhaps if I’d been foolish enough to expose myself to 50 Shades of Grey, I might have done exactly the same as Hannah Silva in Schlock. In a grand tradition of literary terrorism, she’s ripped up her copy of EL James’ raunchy work and is on a journey to put the female body back together as a result.

Silva’s Schlock is a highly feminist and satirical look at texts and voices filled with both pain and pleasure, mothers and babies, domination and submission. A strange but highly engaging performance, it’s guaranteed to make you think about the words that we use everyday and how we can reconstruct the female body in the modern age. After the show, Silva will be talking to theatre director Amy Golding to discuss the motivations behind creating Schlock, and why it’s important in this day and age to create works that challenge perceptions of female sexuality and the body. You won’t have to be a die-hard feminist to enjoy it though; there’ll be plenty of concepts for even the most sceptical minds to think about.

Schlock comes to the Live Theatre, Newcastle on Saturday 21st March.

Schlock! by Hannah Silva (trailer) from Penned in the Margins on Vimeo.


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