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As a backing vocalist, London based singer-songwriter Samantha Whates has racked up an impressive amount of credits, working with Chris Coco, Ben Walker, Fiona Bevan and James Yuill among others. Most people might know her best as the voice behind Sky Sports’ Thank You advert from last year, in which she performed a beautiful rendition of Can’t Stop Loving You with Oliver Price.

Her vocals have graced an impressive amount of records and one-off performances, so it was only a matter of time before Whates stepped into the limelight herself. With the recent release of her debut album, Dark Nights Make For Brighter Days, Whates shows off her deep Scottish roots alongside her incredibly powerful vocals, which are filled with presence. Her Celtic connections come through stronger on the album than in her previous works, which is brimming with emotional depth. If you’re looking for someone who’ll surprise you with their sheer passion and presence, look no further than Whates.

Samantha Whates will play at Durham’s Old Cinema Launderette on Friday 20th February.

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