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Alongside Hilarity Bites, Newcastle’s premier dinky basement theatre venue Alphabetti are hosting yet another double bill of hotly anticipated comedic delights ahead of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe next month. In this round, Sam Gore and Tony Jameson will be presenting their bids to become the King of Comedy, though hopefully not together. That would be a bit confusing now, wouldn’t it?

Writer, comedian and full-time manchild Sam Gore will be presenting his debut show Cryptid Crossword, dealing with his passion for all things weird and wonderful. Unfortunately, what began as a childhood interest quickly spanned into geekdom and an obsession that’s still going strong long into, ahem, “adulthood.” For his first solo foray into stand up, he’ll be tackling one of his favourite subjects, cryptozoology (that’s the study of animals that may or may not exist to you and me). From Bigfoot and Nessie to local legends, Gore will be having a laugh at mythology and why our society still needs monsters.

Tony Jameson will then be taking to the stage to present his show Is This What I’ve Become, taking a closer look at what life is like now that he’s reached his mid thirties. Basically, he thought he’d be famous by now. He’s not. And he wants to know why that is. Well, if he can even be bothered to seek fame anymore. If you’re after about an hour of stand up from two of the country’s best rising talents, then you know where you have to be.

Sam Gore and Tony Jameson perform at the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Wednesday 29th July.

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