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Following on from the success of his previous Quarintent series of releases, local producer/multi-instrumentalist Salt House Lavish returns with Fraternise-Collaborate, a sprawling and enthralling LP which finds the artist, shuttered off from the ordinary modes of collaborating with artists due to the pandemic, drawing on the most unlikely source for inspiration: the deep rabbit-hole of royalty-free vocal samples, upon which he crafted a suite of themes for imaginary TV shows.

It’s an enticing conceit, and one which is fully-realised throughout the LP’s astonishing and diverse eight tracks. The resulting music immediately calls to mind the relentless creativity and sonic trickery of The Avalanches and The Bomb Squad, with vocal samples not simply being used for crafty gimmickry, but also to create jaw-droppingly complete and masterful pieces of music. From the slinky funk of lead single Alley Cat, through to the profoundly moving Something To Distract Me, the precision-engineered-for-the-Top-40 might of Why and the enthralling, breakbeat laden climax Do Not Follow Them, Salt House Lavish draws on a rich and broad sonic palette to craft a truly astonishing and unexpectedly moving collection of phenomenal songcraft from the most unlikely of sources.

Salt House Lavish releases Fraternise-Collaborate on 20th August

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