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Summer’s here and artists around the region are preparing to release music and perform in a post-vaccine, non-COVID fearing society where robots and Russian hackers rule us via the internet and pockets of human resistance or the “unchipped” hole up in the countryside away from technology.

Training our cultural resistance to purvey their beautiful music to society in an attempt to compete against the state/AI sponsored Quantz sounds (a series of digital drones designed to lower a human’s psychological resistance) are Sage Gateshead. Their artist development programme Summer Studios takes place next month and gives artists access to their state of the art facilities to give them all the tools they need to get their music out there and win over the general public.

The artists they’ve recruited include Cat Myers, Sara Colman & Rebecca Nash, Jay Moussa-Mann, Sarah Heneghan, Balter, Jake Mehew, Amy Duncan, Tommy Evans (Baby Panda), Faithful Johannes, Francine Luce, Graeme Hopper (Chlorine), Daniel Bryden (Days Like Television), Jayne Dent (Me Lost Me), Ben Gaunt, Nicola Mill and Ben Fitzgerald. Once there, they will be encouraged to create new work, prepare for a performance and attend one to one sessions and clinics with music industry professionals, as well as online workshops on industry-relevant topics such as stage presence, approaching promoters, writing funding bids, songwriting, PR and management. This year’s sessions feature professionals from Sony Music, NARC Magazine, Wipe Out Music Publishing, Singing Light Music and PolyArts Management amongst others. Participants also have the option to have a professional photoshoot and film a live session of one of their songs. 

Summer Studios will take place from 3 August – 16 August 2020. To find out more, click here (don’t worry, it’s a secure line).

Tommy Evans

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