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The sustainability of our natural environment is an issue that continually rears its head in the modern world. As we battle to keep our greenbelts and stop the onslaught of global warming, it seems like we’re all becoming just a little bit more environmentally friendly in our own ways. In recent years, the art world has taken on these issues in various innovative ways. Sabina Sallis’ latest work looks at the natural environment and sustainability through the lenses of myth and permaculture, a branch of ecological design with the ethos of working with the natural world.

The Source of Resilience sees Sallis investigating how our knowledge and understanding of nature can impact positively on our attitudes towards it. Sallis uses a mixture of video, drawing, sound and sculptural work, examining the concept of mythology and its potential to affect how we view the natural environment. She asks the question: can modern science, anthropology and philosophy inform our view of ancient myths?

Sabina Sallis’ new work The Source of Resilience comes to the NewBridge Project, Newcastle from Friday 20th February until Saturday 28th March.

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