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Your parents always tell you to stay away from strangers, but performance poet and comedian Rowan McCabe is actively seeking them out, proving to the public that maybe strangers aren’t so scary after all.

McCabe’s project Door-to-Door Poetry is bringing live art performances straight to people’s doorsteps. Armed with his trusty briefcase and biro, McCabe will knock on stranger’s doors and quiz them about what’s important to their daily lives, getting answers as varied as the people he encounters. He’ll then return with a poem unique to their answer, performing it for them at a later date. 

Initially labeled as an impossible and ill-advised project, McCabe has experienced a surprising amount of success from all walks of life. His enquiries have raised an unusual and varied response too, having been given suggestions which encompass the love of animals to the fear of World War 3, he even took a detour from the project to perform at Glastonbury festival for Emily Eavis. Having already brought literate delights to the masses in Gateshead and Fenham over the last couple of months, he’ll be heading off to Stockton on Saturday 21st January and Jesmond on Saturday 18th February to bring verse into the lives of local residents, aiming to prove that poetry – and talking to strangers – isn’t as scary as it seems.

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