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Artwork by S Mark Gubb

According to Norse mythology, Valhalla is a sumptuous hall home to slain warriors presided over by Odin. The concept of a ‘Northern Valhalla’ may suggest fearless folk dining on never-ending parmos instead of slaughtered boar, but for artists Gordon Dalton and S Mark Gubb, creators of this intriguingly titled new film project, the inference is clear: along this stretch of road lies a place of mythic qualities.

Route A66: Northern Valhalla is part road trip, part discovery of identity; following the A66 from east to west, the film will talk to people on the route about their hopes and fears for the future, with the aim of creating an archive of emotions and opinions. The artistic duo are old hands at crafting accessible and inclusive work which take reference from popular culture, politics and “a sense of the impossible”, and Route 66: Northern Valhalla will include exhibitions, collaborations and two special and highly visible public events.

In order to make this project a reality, they’re looking for people who live along the route to take part. Collaborators so far include Minecraft YouTubers, mountain bikers, lorry drivers, up and coming MCs and skateboarders, as well as ‘lord of the logos’ Christophe Szpadgel, who has created logos for just about every black metal band out there, and has made a suitably striking logo for the film.

Dalton and Gubb explain more about the project: “We are keen to meet, in real life, or online, as many people as possible to answer some questions, but mainly just to say ‘hi, how are you today?’ We are keen to chat to people with varied interests and opinions. Life along the A66 isn’t just a glossy, touristy drone film of our best bits, and it isn’t some boring film you’d see in a gallery. You see a much better reflection of current life on TikTok, and it’s funny, opinionated, diverse and immediate.”

To get involved with Route A66: Northern Valhalla find them on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok

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