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Rodney Graham defies genres with his experimental and creative works based in photography, film and video. As an internationally renowned artist, it’s quite a coup for the North-East that his work will be featured in a large-scale exhibit at BALTIC until Sunday 11th June.

Spanning the BALTIC’s two largest galleries, the exhibition features a wide range of his varied and often unclassifiable work, which frequently engages with technologies of the past; this includes literary, psychological and musical texts, optical devices and film as a historical medium. 

An illustrious career that began in the late-1970s has seen him exhibit his work all over the world and be hugely influential on other artists. Referencing art history, films and writings, his diverse practice has seen him take on a number of roles, including painter, photographer, philosopher, actor, psychologist and musician. With such a wide breadth of experience and mediums, there are few better placed to ask the question; what does it mean to consider yourself an artist today?

Displaying new works and a large selection of this immersive light-box photographs, the exhibit has been developed in close collaboration with the artist, including the group The Four Seasons. These striking, complex images document suspended moments in time, mostly involving a lone Graham in the style of another character assumed or taken from history.

Rodney Graham’s exhibition is at BALTIC, Gateshead until Sunday 11th June.

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